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How is Concierge Planning different?

Weddings and events are wonderful, but they're can get a bit overwhelming because there are a lot of moving parts. Planners are such a relief, Creatives have such wonderful ideas, Designers bring that dreamy vision to reality, and Coordinators make sure it goes according to plan while they add the finishing touches to make your day perfect! These talented professionals are highly skilled in their area and [most] are worth every penny [if not more], but this additional cost causes tension between couples and families in a time that should be full of celebration and joy.

Some can absolutely afford the big weddings at hotels and country clubs, hiring planning and design firms that charge base rates, renting the perfect decorations from rental companies and the delivery and set up fees that come with it, the cost of food and bar are no issue, and everyone is happy from the "Yaaaaassssss!" to the "I Do" then "Thank You."

Then there are the rest of us that struggle to put a budget together, want to have a beautiful wedding or special event, and either can't convince our significant other that the extra payment is worth you not losing your mind [they do have to live with you after all while you're planning this wedding or event] or it's just not in the budget. What's the solution?

I specialize in unique and smaller events and what I do is budget based. I provide everything (vendors are part of your budget), but items aren't charged for by piece. I work with wonderful venues and vendors that feel the same way I do ..... any time you get to spend with your family is special.  

Why are there no packages?

Everything is in one and I work with small venues and private owners.  This is for the bride or host that wants to treat their guest like royalty.  Weddings over 75 possible guests can be recommended to a planner that deals with those types of weddings.  Small and swanky is what I do.  Details, details, and more details.  


It's full service all the way.  Budgeting, timelines, finding vendors, refereeing and all of the usual the things that go along with planning I do.  This is where we decide what your budget is, but the price will be finalized off your actual budget.   


This is the fun part because we get to have lots of ideas and see what we can do!  What do I already have that can stretch your budget further and how can I be creative to make it do the most?  


Let's design your wedding or event from start to finish.  The wedding website, save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, calligraphy, wedding signage, every table, centerpiece, linens, place settings, the ceremony, the bridal suite, favors, gifts, and everything!  It's full service and we want to make your budget go as far as possible.


It's the day of your event an

d I take care of lighting, draping, linens, decor, place settings, the sweet heart table, a photo booth, and much more!  My crew also makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that your day goes off without a hitch.  We set it up, break it down, and clean it up.  

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