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First comes LOVE, second comes planning and frustration  

April 14, 2019

First, take a breath.  Everyone in this industry is trying to earn a living, so no matter what they ALWAYS want you to sign on the dotted line right away.  Take your time, do your homework.  Make a savings plan and be realistic.  Yes, having an amazing venue would be great, but not being able to feed your guests would be kind of lame.  So, my recommendation for a book is The Budget Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer by Jessica Bishop if you're going to brave the DIY route.  I would also consider picking up an ettiquette book, but first read the ENTIRE book by Jessica Bishop.  

it's like that activity teachers had you do when you were in elementary school where they gave you a sheet of paper with activities to do, but you were told EXPLICITLY to read everyone on the of them first.  What did we all do?  We started right in; and then half way in we would notice there three or four kids (if even that many) that picked up his/her pencil, wrote one thing, then set it down.  We thought they were crazy because we had to skip all that reading and make sure we knew what the expect because there was too much to do and not enough time!  That is until we got to number 32 out of 33 where said that once you had finished reading all of these questions, only do #5.   Number 5 would tell you write your name on the top right conrner of this paper, set your pencil down, burn your paper over, and wait quietly for the activity to be completed.  I felt like a dummie and I did the same thing when I got married.  READ THE WHOLE BOOK!  Before you plan anything figure out what you're going to be up against.  

You must be knowledgeable, so that when someone is giving you incorrect information you know it and you can make a good decision to avoid a costly solution later.  Planners are supposed to help you navigate these waters, but even that makes you wonder...... why pay all that money when I can do it myself?

Until next time ...... this planner says .... go read up!  FB message, text, or email me your quetion an i'll do my best to answer it or let you know if I need to go do my own research!  Happy Planning Brides! 

Vendors You Need​ to Know

This is LOVE​

Okay …. that's it …. I'm setting the record straight.  

September 7, 2019

     I have to set the record straight on this DIY wedding trend.  Having your friends and family take care of everything is not only cheap it's completely selfish.  I can't even count how many family members and bridesmaids have literally come to me crying saying they wish she'd hire someone and stop forcing hem to do these awful projects.  They wanted to celebrate with the bride, but insted it's projects and spending money, and then jobs on the wedding day.  Some they expected, but they feel like they're servants and it's not fun and they resent it.  Yes, it's YOUR day.  I'm sure you've told everyone that many times.  I promise no one will forget it.  However, how can the ones you love and the ones that love you so much spend any time with you if they're running around trying to fix what you thought you planned out using a checklist off the internet?  You want them to LIKE you afterwards.

    I'm a wedding planner/designer, a hair stylist that owns her own studio, and a makeup artist.  The first two vendors I hired were my photographer and my hair and makeup artist.  Even though I planned most of the wedding myself, I knew that the smart thing to do was spend the money and hire someone to coordinate my wedding because I wanted my friends and family to enjoy it.  

so that's coming from a professional.  In your case, you would hire a wedding planner/designer first baseed on what you know you'll need assistance with (minimum partial planning usually) and have them help you find a venue that's in YOUR BUDGET.  Too often do I see couples with these venues that are WAAAAAAAAY out of their budget, so they end up treating the guests poorly, not following ettiquette, and even pushng the wedding back.  Some even do all cash bar or change the wedding date several times and that is down right tacky!  Don't be a selfish bridezilla.  Be smart and spend the money on a planner/designer that offers a lot of services they do well because torturing everyone with your DIY and having meltdowns is NOT worth it.  They will help you make smart decisions and when you get ready to overspend they'll bring out the budget and ask what you're going to cut in order to cover the expenditure.  You'll find you're a lot less stressed because you're NOT overspennding and you're NOT dealing with upset family and bridesmaids.  

     Weddings are expensive and so many of the times they turn into anything other than about the love they're supposed to be about in the first place.  I saw this and I designed my packages to avoid that and include so much that if you would READ them you'd realize that you were getting so much (especially if you're at a country club or hotel) that you don't need to spend much more.  Anything from everything that goes on all your tables, a photo booth with props, specialty linens, calligraphy for before/during/after the wedding, robes at wholesale prices for the bride and her bridesmaids, very nice card boxes, signage (acrylic and wooden along with others), professional outdoor lighting, some event tents, some canopies, draping and more.  Plus, planners ALWAYS have connections to great DJs and photographers that will give you better deals and incredible work …. not just a really great sales job about how it's the most important part of the wedding.  Heaven forbid you not get 95 pictures of your shoes because that's worth $4,000.  

So, this is inspired me to start an AWESOME VENDORS OF SWFL shout out in my blog, on Pinterest, and I’m considering offering a free wedding planning class for you DIYers out there.  You would even get a great deal on decorations and day of coordination. Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me via text. The more interest the more likely I have a class and it may even be a series of classes. It’s time to make this about brides.


September 8, 2019



* Payment must be made in full at the time of contract signing.  

As you know this week I’m highlighting vendors that I love working with and I don’t work with vendors that I wouldn’t hire for my own events or my own wedding.  Guess what  .... Debbie and her lovely team at Black Tie Tuxedos were where I went for my wedding!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this vendor. She is fabulous and when I was in there I took lots of videos so I will be posting them on Pinterest so check those out and also check back because I’ll be putting them in my gallery under “Awesome Vendors of SWFL”.  

Do you have a vendor that you worked with that you really love? Let me know because I’m always looking for vendors that just rock my socks off! Anything to make your day perfect! Kudos Debbie to you and your team for going above and beyond always and making every special event even better! 

xoxo - Megan Ashleigh